Conflict Resolution Techniques

The impact of a conflict can be judged by the performance or end result of the individual or team. If a conflict enhances the performance, then it should be stimulated but if a conflict hampers the performance, then it should be controlled. The managers need to keep a check on the level of conflict and work towards resolving them.

There are various techniques that are used to manage and resolve conflicts in an organization. These techniques also help in creating a healthy relationship and an effective working environment.

The following are the some of important techniques:

Problem solving

It refers to the approach of resolving the problem through face-to-face discussion between individuals or groups who are involved in conflict.


Super-Ordinate goals

It refers to sharing of goals by conflicting parties and building mutual trust to overcome their individual differences.


Increasing resources

It refers to increasing the availability of resources to resolve conflicts that arise due to scarcity of resources.



It refers to suppressing or avoiding a conflict and withdrawal from it. Avoiding is also called as ‘Withdrawal or cooling-off period’. Here the conflict is not addressed immediately but given some time to cool off. The amount of time given depends on stage and intensity of conflict.



It refers to the approach of resolving conflict where the individuals and teams involved in the conflict give up their personal motives and think collectively about the ways to resolve a conflict.


Authoritative command

It indicates resolution of conflict by formal authority or managers.


Altering the human variable

It refers to using techniques, such as training to change the human behaviour or attitude to deal with conflict in a better manner.



It is another conflict management technique that aims to gain victory as a result and must be used cautiously only in extreme situations.

For example, if two or more parties decide to go on leave when there is a project to be done immediately, the project manager can use forcing as a resolution technique and ask them to stay back and complete the project on hand. However, project manager applies forcing method on the formal authority vested to him/her.

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