Principles of Strategy

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Duro and Standstrom have mentioned about 10 principles of strategy, which are drawn from the military rule or warfare, but are equally applicable to business. These are given in the following: Set a goal and stick to it. Maintain good morale (good leadership is aprecondition for this). Accumulate forces. Act aggressively. Aim for surprise. Make […]

lack of strategic management

Lack of Strategic Management in Companies

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Lack of Strategic Management in companies leads to many problems. Some companies do not undertake strategic planning and management. Some other companies do strategic planning, but receive no support from managers and employees. In some other cases, managers and employees do not get enough support from the top management. A number of such and other […]

Role of HR Executives

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HR executives role is important for an organization. Managing people is one of the biggest challenges for a manager. Few of the reasons are: Individuals differ from each other in terms of their values, attitudes, beliefs, and culture. This leads to a very complex situation. The stimulating and motivational factors might not be the same […]

History of Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management History, There is a vast difference between modern Human Resource Management and the personnel management that was prevalent decades ago. By the end of the twentieth century, the managerial philosophy that had defined the personnel function had undergone radical changes. Over the past several years, scientific management approach and the human relations […]

Concept of Human Resource Management

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One of the most useful definitions of Human Resource Management(HRM) is provided by Fisher, Schoendfelt and Shaw in their book “Human Resources Management,“ HRM involves all management decisions and practices that directly affect or influence the people or Human resources who work for the organization”.   The concept of human resources entails: Total knowledge Skills […]

Project Type Organization

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In the project type organization, employees work for different projects in a team-like structure. Example for project type organization is construction companies. In construction companies, different teams work on different projects. In this structure teams are put together for a project. Each project is headed by a project leader. Each team will have employees to […]

Quality Assurance

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Quality assurance means all the systematic and planned activities executed within the quality system give confidence that the project will meet the applicable quality standards. It also comprises the examination of data at stations and centres to validate that the data are in line with the quality system goals, and to identify errors so that […]

Features of Project Management Software

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The common features of project management software are:   Data entry features This feature used to manage the following things Project data and calendar Human resources Human resources available Cost of materials Activity identifier Activity description Precedence relationship Data entry error   Graphics One of the important features of PM software is its ability to […]

Operations Research

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Operations Research is defined as “The use of scientific methods to provide criteria for decisions regarding man, machine, and systems involving repetitive operations.”   Methodology of Operations Research Definition One needs to ensure that the problem is identified properly because this problem statement will indicate the following three major aspects: Description of the goal or […]


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The following are Differences between PERT and CPM (PERT vs CPM):   PERT CPM It is an event-oriented network as in the analysis of a network, emphasis is given on the important stages of completion of a task rather than the activities required to be performed to reach a particular event or task. PERT is […]

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