Functions of Human Resource Planning

The following are function of human resource planning:


Staff Levels

Human resource professionals gather all of the personnel projections from each department compare them to present staff levels and then design a plan to make sure that the company is adequately staffed for the coming year.

The needs of a business can change quickly, so the human resources group should review the staffing levels with departmental managers on no less than a quarterly basis to make sure that accelerated company growth has not affected the need for personnel.



The first part of it is to make sure that there is always an updated file of resumes on hand of qualified individuals who already have been interviewed by human resources staff.

The second part of the qualifications function of a human resources group is to go over the growth patterns of the company with departmental managers to see what new qualifications should be part of future candidate searches.



When human resources personnel set out to fill job openings, they need to understand the departmental personnel budgets they are working with and stay within those numbers when negotiating with candidates.

This requires close work with executives and managers to make sure the company gets the talent it needs to move forward but without going over the prescribed annual budget.



The human resources professionals spend time at recruiting trade shows, visiting college campuses and getting involved in any other activity that will help them come into contact with talented candidates. A proactive recruiting effort is essential to the ongoing human resources planning success of any company.

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