Project Issue Logs

During the execution of a project, a project manager faces several issues that may impact the project significantly. An issue is a problem, gap, inconsistency or conflict that may arise unexpectedly during a project.

These issues may be related to team members, suppliers, distributers, technical failures, resource handling, material shortages, etc. It is very important for a project manager to resolve these issues effectively before they grow enormously.

For example, if a trained team member unexpectedly meets with an accident and takes leave for one week, then it is an issue that is to be resolved quickly in order to minimise its effect on the project timelines. The most commonly used tool for managing project issues is the issue log. An issue log is a significant project document that helps the project manager in tracking, solving and managing issues.

An issue log consists of a list of project issues that may be open or closed by type and importance. It helps in prioritising issues that are required to be resolved first.

Conflict resolution helps in reducing employee turnover and improving motivation. .An issue log records issues that require resolution along with the following details:

Issue name

This column records the name of the issue.

Issue type

This column defines the category of the issue. Categorising of issues helps project managers in assigning them to the right person to resolve them. Following are the few categories that can be included in this column

  • Technical
  • Resource
  • Third party

Raised by

This column records the name and identity of the person who raised the issue.

Date raised

This column records the date on which the issue was entered in the issue log.


This column basically elaborates on the issue for the better understanding of the person who has to resolve the issue.


This column states rating of the issue in the order of its importance. Based on the impact of the issue on the project, the priority ratings can be high, medium or low.

Assigned to

This column states the name of the person who is responsible for handling and resolving the issue.

Target resolution date

This column states the deadline for resolving the issue.


This column states the progress in resolving the issue. It may have labels like open, implementing/in process or resolved.

Final solution

This column states the solution that was applied to resolve the issue in brief.

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