Project Management Standards

The major project management standards and frameworks are as follows


ISO 10006:

ISO 10006 is a standard published by the ISO for providing guidance on quality management in projects. It is not meant to serve as a ‘project management standard’, and deals only with the requirements of QMS in managing projects.

It focuses primarily on project management processes and requires organizations to refer to ISO 9000 for quality management of product related processes in any project.

ISO 10006 differentiates between a project originating organization and a project organization. A project originating organization is the one that decides to undertake the project, whereas a project organization carries out the project.



PMBOK® is a project management guide published by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It is a widely recognized standard for the project management profession.

PMBOK® is adopted as the international standard on project management by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI/PMI 99-001-2013) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE 1490-2011). It describes the established norms, methods, processes, and practices related to the project management profession based on recognized good practices of project management practitioners.


BS 6079:

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has published a series of standards on project management called BS 6079. The BS 6079 series of standards deals with project management in four parts:

  • BS 6079 – Part 1: Guide to project management
  • BS 6079 – Part 2: Project management vocabulary
  • BS 6079 – Part 3: Guide to the management of business related project risks
  • BS 6079 – Part 4: Guide to project management in the construction industry


ISO 21500:

ISO 21500 is a new ISO standard on project management issued in 2012. It deals with the concepts that tend to form good practices in project management. In this way, it aims to ensure project success and achieve business results. It is designed to align with related international standards such as ISO 10006:2003.

ISO 21500 can be used by all types of organizations, regardless of their line of business, industry, sector, service, product, size, or complexity. It is intended to be a basic guide on project management and provides



In 1989, PRINCE (Projects IN Controlled Environments) was developed as the UK government standard for IT project management. Now, it serves as a generic approach for all types of projects. It is used extensively as the de facto standard by the UK government and also by the private sector in the UK and international organizations.

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