Advantages of Project Management

Project management has a number of advantages. It allows the following:


  • Aligns the project with the strategic goals of the organization
  • Reduces the project cost by effective planning and management of resources
  • Focuses on performance of the workforce by providing them training
  • Increases the project success ratio
  • Ensures that the pre-stated objectives are achieved
  • Improves the coordination among the resources used in a project
  • Reduces risks associated with the project
  • Delivers predictable as well as desired results
  • Aligns the expectations of stakeholders with project performances
  • Reduces the project cycle time

One of the key advantages of project management is that it adds value to a project. It is worthwhile to identify how project management adds value to a project.

Consider a situation where an organisation takes up the contract for cleaning up a nuclear site. Initially, the organisation was under pressure to execute the project with very limited capital under strict deadlines.

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