Key Project Documents

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According to John Rakos “The success of any project is crucially dependent on the documents produced for it.” It is very essential for any project manager to keep proper documentation for the project for effective management. These documents help to know the various aspects of the project whenever needed during the life of the project. […]

Basic Project Resources

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The following are basic project resources   Manpower It refers to a set of individuals (employees) having specified skills, knowledge, and expertise to carry out different project activities.   Materials Raw materials are vital for any project. Not only manufacturing and construction projects highly depend on materials but also office or service projects rely on […]

Project Issue Logs

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During the execution of a project, a project manager faces several issues that may impact the project significantly. An issue is a problem, gap, inconsistency or conflict that may arise unexpectedly during a project. These issues may be related to team members, suppliers, distributers, technical failures, resource handling, material shortages, etc. It is very important […]

Conflict Resolution Techniques

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The impact of a conflict can be judged by the performance or end result of the individual or team. If a conflict enhances the performance, then it should be stimulated but if a conflict hampers the performance, then it should be controlled. The managers need to keep a check on the level of conflict and […]

Functions of Human Resource Planning

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The following are function of human resource planning:   Staff Levels Human resource professionals gather all of the personnel projections from each department compare them to present staff levels and then design a plan to make sure that the company is adequately staffed for the coming year. The needs of a business can change quickly, […]

Top-down vs Bottom-up planning

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Top-down planning Bottom-up planning Top-down planning is a common strategy that is used for project planning. It helps maintain the decision making process at the senior level. Goals and allowances are established at the highest level. Senior-level managers have to be very specific when laying out expectations because the people following the plan are not […]

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