orio cake

Orio cake

Orio cake is easily preparable with simple things available at home. Using Pressure Cooker we can able to prepare this cake. Children will love this dish. It will surely surprise our loved once.

Ideal For Preparation Time
Parties, Surprising Gift, Snack 45 mins


Ingredients: (For Two People)

  • Orio Biscuit - 1 pack (12 Biscuits)
  • Milk - 150 ml
  • Powdered Sugar - 150 grams
  • Backing Powder - 1 table spoon
  • Salt - A pinch
  • Butter - 2 tea spoon



  • Grind the Orio biscuits using mixer
  • Add 4 tea spoons of Powdered Suger, Backing Powder, Milk and Salt with that finely grind orio biscuits. Grind it again using mixer.
  • Take a bowl which has a strong bottom, Apply butter on all inner side of the bowl.
  • Pour that batter into the bowl
  • Put this bowl in a pressure cooker and Boil it for 10 mins in High flame.
  • And 25 mins in low flame.
  • Take the cake from that cooker and sprinkle the remaining Powder Suger on it
  • Your Home made Orio Cake is ready and serve Happily.


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