Importance and Factors Affect Operational Feasibility

The importance of operational feasibility is highlighted in the following points.

  • Helps in assessing the capability of the project in fulfilling the desired organizational goal
  • Helps in analyzing and tackling any resistance from management, team, and individuals
  • Helps in evaluating the probable impact of the project on the environment
  • Assists in proper implementation of the project
  • Helps in periodical review of the implemented project
  • Assists in analyzing the impact of the project on the end-users
  • Ensures proper utilization of scarce resources of the economy

The following are the four factors that affect operational feasibility.

Development schedule

Let’s suppose you intend to drive to a new destination but you neither know the way nor the distance and the time required to reach your destination. In such a situation, it is quite likely that you will be lost in the way or your journey is one fraught with anxiety and frustration.

Undertaking such a journey without having any idea of how to reach the destination is pretty similar to working on a project without any schedule. A project schedule is a timetable or more specifically a plan, along which a project is developed. It tells you when the activities in a project are to be accomplished, and hence, provides a basis to track.


Date of delivery

It is the date, on which a project is to be delivered to a client. The date of delivery is related to the project schedule. If the activities in a project are achieved according to the plan, the target delivery date of the project would be met and hence, the project would be feasible.


Organisational culture

Also known as corporate culture, it represents the common perception shared by the employees of an enterprise. In other words, organizational culture consists of norms, values, and unwritten codes of conduct of an enterprise. The culture of every enterprise is unique and distinct. It guides the behavior of the employees of an enterprise by defining the standards of acceptable behavior.


Existing business process

It is a method, used by an organisation to achieve a large organisational goal. In other words, if the business process is broken up into smaller ones, it forms a series of individual events, which are performed in an order.

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